Just a second


just second thoughts… or a second chance, or, how cool  randomness is

A selection of  photos that weren’t chosen for the birthday post.  But in the end I think I like them just as much. Forgive my repeat-ness ..but  choosing is a ruthless process : )

~ After last post I realised that the process of selection, preparation and the actual outcome of the anniversary gallery, were like a revelation. I saw my photos arranged as a whole for the first time, which gave me a clearer self image – artistically speaking ; )

But that arleady great thing was overshadowed by these two amazing wordpress gallery options… One being “tiled mosaic”,  the other “random order”

The accidental place the photos are taking, the endless combinations of shapes, colors and sizes, the layout …but mostly, the amazing  (90% of the times) relations and interactions random order creates, between groups of photos,  all that composed, like on a long contact roll, that you can “cut” anytime, at the point where the short story makes sense,  are for me a precious find and quite an eye opener! A gigantic mood-board that changes everytime I press the refresh button! )

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4 comments on “Just a second”

  1. Beautiful! some of these have an abstract feel that I love, and not to mention color and texture bravo!
    Will re-tweed again!

  2. You have this most amazing sense of detail framing, it’s like you’re painting or collaging with your eyes!
    Absolutely fantastic!

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