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Jan 17 2014

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Focal Length:27.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:HP PhotoSmart C945 (V01.74)


in a post )

A blog’s Βirthday (12 Jan), a retrospection, an amazing year, a big “thank you!!

  • click on an image to start the gallery


Thank you for being here!

P.s.: I hope you survived the gallery ; ) …it was sooo difficult to pick my favorites for this  “anniversary post” out of 645 posts and 1521 photos!

24 comments on “Around”

  1. And may the world have another 645! Happy anniversary Pelly!

  2. A gorgeous collection, for sure.

    • Thank you so much Elena ) It was quite a revelation for me and a valuable lesson, to make this gallery, as I saw my photos arranged and combined for the first time!

  3. I so like what you’ve done here with all your images. I’ve been coming back to it to try and figure out why it’s so captivating. I even went and did the same thing with my own images, as in, arranged them in a similar fashion, in similar numbers but it simply ended up looking like a mess. Yours create a story of sorts, but with a hint of mystery, a bit like a puzzle where all that’s needed is to place all the pieces in the right order and the answer will be revealed. Quite brilliant.

    • I can’t thank you enough for your comment Cedric, it means a lot to me. And please forgive my often laconic comments… sometimes it’s difficult for me to overcome the “language barrier” 😉
      I’ve been thinking why it didn’t work for you… I think it has to do with selection, I mean, picking groups of photos of the same “shot type”: a group of wide shots, another of mid shots, of close ups, cut ins, b/ws, color, details, landscapes, minimal, maximal… etc and mix them together. I also didn’t put numbers, I just inserted them and arranged them roughly following the concept I have when I pick my post photo: the next photo has to be totally different (or extremelly similar…in some cases)to the previous one. Different or similar from various perspectives. In color, shape, angle, texture… etc. Did you try the “Random order” button? Most of the times it’s great!

  4. Happy birthday to your blog Pelly. I am sure that your high standard of photographs will continue for many years to come. Time to party !! xox

  5. What a wonderful selection, Pelly, congratulations and a big thank you for being here too!

    • I thank you Ana!
      For your inspiring blogs and all your kindness and generosity.
      Especially what you do in “almofateslikes” is a proof of that and it’s pretty amazing ; )

  6. And thank you for this wonderful gallery Pelly! Here is to another year, beautifully captured through your lense!

    • Σ’ ευχαριστώ πολύ Λία : ) I’m so excited that my photographic year will begin with a travel abroad… I am going to London next month, with my new camera and all! Kisses from sunny Athens ❤ P*

      • This is great news Pelly! No doubt you’ll be posting photos from your trip, so I’m really looking forward to see London through your lenses! I’ll follow your steps in March, but only for 3 days… we are fortunate that London is so close to Brussels! Τα θετικα του να ζεις στην πρωτεύουσα της Ευρώπης.. xxx

        • Ha ha! I’ll be in London from 27 feb – 9 march …and we too were thinking of going to Brussels (better yet Bruges…) with Eurostar : ) I’m not so sure if we could make it in a day though, but dreaming about it is free 😀

          • The Brussels part can definitely be a dream come true – timewise: just a couple of hours on Eurostar and you are there! About Bruges though, I’d give it an overnight stay somewhere cause it can be an OD of a train travel… plus Bruges is such a picture postcard little place, you’d need some serious pulling out of it! xxx

  7. amazing! love the ones with the silhouettes, lots of texture on some of them, like the fact that some are abstract too. Very good I had to share in Twitter, happy new year may you have lots of happiness, peace and love (and no problems with the word press 😉 )

    • : D from your words to God’s ears!
      All the best to you and your loved ones Doris. And hank you for tweeting and commenting, it’s much appreciated ❤
      This past year has been rich in all aspects and although this photo collection is a retrospection, at the same time it feels to me like a new beginning…
      * I' ve made a second one the next day… I hope you'll like it too : )

  8. Είναι τέλειες, μπράβο girl!

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