…under construction

I am totally new at this blog thing… plus my english are not that good.

But mainly, been a rather introvert person, I haven’t decided if I want to say something or nothing.. so things move a bit slow…

…until then, huge thanks for visiting!


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102 comments on “About”

  1. Thumb’s up!!

  2. And thank you for visiting and liking one of my posts,it is much appreciated.

  3. I like your photos! It’s nice to see them, especially when you are far away and you so damn miss that freaking place that you so hate when you live there! Does this make any sense? 🙂

    • Absolutely! I know exactly what you mean… It’s a love to hate, hate to love thing 😀
      Thanxx Maria! And… I will definitely need your blog tips when I’ll visit the big apple!

  4. Really enjoyed your photography! What type of camera do you shoot with?

    • Thank you! Your photo “men at work” was sooo funny 😀 As for my camera… it’s a long story.. I am in fact an amateur who borrowed cameras either from my boyfriend or work… The one I finally bought in 2010 was Lumix TZ7 which sadly is broken now 😦 Anyway, all the cameras I’ ve used are cheap compact ones… and you can see the model on the left side of each post under the photo.

  5. Geia sou! Your photography is so nice. Of course I have my favorites already… the Milos pics. Definitely will follow!

  6. Thank you Doro for your kindness and sweetness! And please don’t get me wrong but… https://pellymade.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/folle-d-amour/

  7. Hi, I could not see how to send you a private message with this question. How did you create an “Archive” for your images? thanks, Stefanie

  8. Thanks for all your likes Pelly! I love Greece, especially Milos my favourite island. Here in Tokyo we have only 2 Greek restaurants and they are very expensive. I miss Greek food!

    • You’re welcome! I am so glad you have been to my precious Milos and liked it 🙂
      I on the other hand, am in love with Japan and it’s culture. I love the way they combine the old and the futuristic… Unbelievable! only 2 greek restaurants in chaotic Tokyo! Isn’t mediterranean food “a la mode” 😉 …I have an immigration plan- lol!

  9. great blog / excellent photography! hope there’s more to come! greetings

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and generosity!
      I like your photography too, particularly your vintage / polaroid style
      I plan on being here for a long time …if I manage to overcome the seductive temptations of the greek spring and summer 😀

  10. Thank you for visiting my site. I had to take a look at yours. You have a great eye for composition and framing an image.

  11. Thanks, Pelly*, to be a warm visitor!

  12. You are very creative, and have posted some great images of your work!

  13. thank you so much for checking out my blogs in progress – like your note above, I too have been shy about putting my work out there in the universe. Feels nice to be meeting kindred spirits in the mix, thank you. And by the way – bravo!

    • I reciprocate and appreciate your kind and generous comment, follow and likes! I am still very much a baby as far as blogging is concerned but I’ve never regretted it so far. It is so rewarding on so many levels… I thank you and wish you the best!

  14. Hi pelly*made! I really enjoy your blog, so I’ve nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Congratulations ☺

    The rules for receiving this award are:
    1. Display the award logo on your blog.
    2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
    3. State 7 things about yourself.
    4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
    5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

  15. keep up the passion and hard work.

  16. Hi! Thank you (albeit with some delay) for liking a post on the blog of triptao.com. I liked your photos a lot. Apropos, where in Koufonisi is the “hued summer” shot? It’s one of my top-3 islands 🙂

    • Hello CK,
      many thanks for liking/commenting/following my blog 🙂 It;s much appreciated.
      I took the picture being on the boat going to Kato Koufonissi (the inhabited one). This is a small settlement, very close to the one and only taverna of the island

      • Ah, yes, I think I remember.
        Apropos, I just realized, the apple photo is from another top-3 island 🙂 Kimolos. What a wonderful place. I was there last summer, still regret I didn’t manage to visit Polyaigos. Probably a good reason to go back soon 🙂

  17. Hi. Love the pics. Thank you for dropping by and happy blogging.

  18. Hello pelly*made. Nice to meet you. I *LOVE* your photography. Exquisite!
    Thank you for visiting our blog, and for the ‘like’ on the Varanasi post. There’s another post on Varanasi immediately following that one in case you’re interested.

    • Hi Alison (and Don)! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, likes and follow;I am honored… I’ve just visited the 2nd Varanasi post and I am speechless… I am so glad I met you, thank you!

      • Thank you so much for following. I’m glad to have met you too, and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful photos. One day we will come to Greece and see your beautiful country.

  19. Thank you for checking my blog. I really like your photos! Congrats and keep blogging! 😉

  20. I like the photographs a lot and the subjects you choose to shoot.

  21. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking my posts! I appreciate it very much. I’ve enjoyed my visit here and I look forward to following your posts. 😀

  22. Hi Pelly
    Your English is just fine and I like your site and photographs. We have some things in common.
    Love your pictures and hope to return soon.

  23. Thanks Pelly for stopping by my blog & liking my “Dragonfly” & “Allium” posts. So many of your posts are just breathtaking. You have a great talent. I will be back for more. Carmen Aida

  24. Very good! Strong design sense and use of colour.Well done!

  25. really creative blog, thank you for sharing

  26. Thanks for liking my blogpost earlier today 😉

  27. Thanks for taking a look a the Hamilton Mountain phase of the Hammer Home Street Photography Project.

  28. Thanks for following my blog, Pelly. Your photographs are ‘wow’!

  29. Your photography is beautiful and so full of emotion. And don’t worry about your English, I understand you 🙂 Happy New Year!

  30. You have many lovely photos, I look forward to seeing more:)

  31. Thanks for stopping by on my blog! Like your photos as well. The picture of Milos is my personal favorite. Take care!

  32. I would like to say I love your blog and the wonderful and beautiful things you share as well as the inspiration and smiles you bring in doing so! Thank you for being you and I hope even if you do not accept awards you will accept the sentiment expressed as I honor you with one. There is no prize that comes with the award other than my appreciation and being grateful you are part of our world and making a difference by sharing in such a positive way…
    I have posted the award and link to it here I hope you will accept it or at least the sentiment behind it! http://artisticlyxpressedthoughts.wordpress.com/2014/03/27/awards-and-shared-gifts/

    With love,

  33. Beautiful photos.. I could sit and browse through them all day long…

  34. Great pelly how are you, long ago …? !!

  35. A great blog Pelly, and thank you for all the likes on mine 🙂

  36. Thank you for browsing through my blog and liking stuff 🙂 I love your photos and your captions too! All the best xx

  37. Pelly, your photography is fantastic – you have the eye of an artist.

  38. Hello. I am collecting a selection of photographs for a blog post. I just want to share some great pictures from blogs that I follow. I would like to include this one of yours (https://pellymade.wordpress.com/2016/04/14/minimalist/). I will provide full attribution and links both to your HP and the original post. Will that be okay? Cheers.

  39. Thank you for Stopping by Storyteller. — Ray

  40. Thanks very much for stopping by my blog! Very honest about….refreshing. Have a great day 🙂

  41. Hi, thank you for visiting and following my blog! Take care.

  42. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Lovely photos!

  43. I really enjoy your worldview. Beautiful images Pelly.

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