were here…

in Agrigento ~ Sicily



* click on image for full view




7 comments on “They”

  1. What a great idea ! So where are our names dear Pelly 😉 ❤

  2. Despite the fact I don’t like the idea of people carving their names into anything, let alone something living like a tree or cactus, this could be an amazing canvas for some living art. The way the older scratchings have stretched and expanded and presumably distorted makes me wonder how an artist’s drawings would change and develop over time. It would make a great art project to add, say a geometric pattern and photograph it every month to see how the process of the plant’s growth changed that, or any other art.

    • My thoughts exactly! I hate what people do, I think it’s an arrogant, stupid and selfish act. One day in Kos island there were 2 girls and suddenly one of them started to write her name with a black marker on an ancient column!! I nearly had a stroke! I asked her why and she said ” but it’s a stone”!!!! It’s heartbreaking and in the same time infuriating… the lack of education, respect and sensitivity. Sometimes I think there is no hope…

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