Mr Sad

Pareidolia in the abandoned sulfur mine of Milos



* click on image for full view




13 comments on “Mr Sad”

  1. I love these Pelly! Abandoned places have so much emotion to them and you have captured that in beautifully.

    • Yes! That’s the reason I am drawn to them like a magnet )
      Thankfully (?!) there are plenty of ruins here in Greece…

      • So long as they are old ruins and not modern ruins, I think that is definitely something to be thankful for. From an economic and wellbeing perspective modern abandonment and decay is bad for everyone, but even then those unwanted architectural structures can be great to photograph. Do you know Melinda Green Harvey’s blog? She takes wonderful photos of abandoned and decaying places in the USA.

        • That’s so true dear Kate… Greece is in the middle of a huge economic crisis as you may know and one can see the signs of it everywhere…
          I guess when I photograph places of abandonment I am trying to transfer emotions not just document a sad situation.
          I am not aware of her, but will look her up for sure, thank you so much ❤

  2. Beautiful decay! Very nice capture, what a beautiful and soft light and colours.

  3. Lovely..reminds me of the artwork of Alberto Burri, who was famous for burning and scratching and otherwise attacking the surface of his pieces (in the most lovely way)

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