I am so happy that this photo of mine is shortlisted for the “Gaia Epicheirein” contest!

It would mean a lot to me if you take the time and vote for my image here as I could win the public award!

All you have to do is choose icon #19 (εικόνα 19), write your email and hit the blue button. I am sorry there is no english version…

Voting deadline: 10th of March 2017


It’s so difficult for photographers like me who don’t have facebook or twitter to promote their work (yes, I am a dinosaur…)   so your help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you all in advance 




14 comments on “Tapestry”

  1. Good luck ! I do hope that you win my dear friend.
    I voted for number 19. Really easy to do 🙂 ❤

  2. I voted for you. You deserve it!

  3. I was very happy to vote for you Pelly. It is a gorgeous photo. When will you know the result? Can we vote more than once?

    • Thank you so much Kate for your kindness and warm words… It really means a lot to me ❤
      Unfortunately the voting ended today… and the results will be announced tomorrow at the opening of the exhibition in "Photovision 2017". But I will not be able to attend the event, we are visiting Meteora this weekend, so I will find out what happened probably Monday 🙂

      • Meteors looks so beautiful. Do you live in Greece?

        • I looked at your About page and guess that you do live in Greece. I have been looking at your blog for ages and never realised! Good luck with the competition!

          • Meteora were jaw-dropping! No wonder they are included on the World Heritage list of Unesco.
            Yes! I was born and live in Greece for all my life… It’s a country full of surprises and hidden treasures.
            As for the competition… I didn’t win… no surprise really, but I think I was close as my photo was next to the winners at the exhibition.
            I want to say a big “Thank You” for your support and kindness dear! Love & Kisses from Athens! ))

            • Hi Pelly, I would love to visit Greece one day. I know so many Greek people in Melbourne. We are (or used to be) the second largest Greek city outside Athens.

              I hope you try again in another competition. Your photos are wonderful!

  4. Alas, too late to the party to vote 😦 nice photo. Amplification of trees…like cookies on a cookiesheet

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