Reading rooms

The abandoned villa of the Italian commander for the Dodecanese, Cesare Maria de Vecchi (built in 1936) ~ Rhodes



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8 comments on “Reading rooms”

  1. Wow, amazing how the graffiti covers almost every square inch of the walls. What lovely architecture.

    • I was thrilled to discover that place! And those rooms were my favorites because of the graffiti-wallpaper 🙂
      Thankfully Rhodes (and most of the Dodekanese islands) were occupied by the Romans, who left their mark for us to admire (and – sadly to vandalize…)

  2. Fascinating! And wonderful photographs as usual.

  3. This house, theese rooms, this “wallpaper” – amazing. Thank you for having taken these wonderful photos of all this! Monni.

    • I thank you back monni for your lovely comment. It sure was a fascinating find, vandalized by time and people, yet the outcome is so very artistic… An artist couldn’t have done it better!

  4. Stnning photography! Wow. Love these shots. So beautiful.

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