My mountains

At the highlands of Vardousia mountain, where my father was born




* click to start gallery & for full image view




6 comments on “My mountains”

  1. Storm swept & stunning!

    • They sure are! Vardousia mountain aren’t so popular as Parnassos is (near by) but it’s unexploited, raw beauty is just overwhelming!
      Thank you ❤

  2. Vardousia is perhaps the nicest range of peaks and for sure the favourite mountain for every mountaineering and ice climbing lover like me. The surrounding environment is beautiful with stunning views, nice ridges and impressive peaks!

    Congrats for the nice photos!

    • Really?! How nice of you to say. Coming from an experienced climber like you it’s a huge compliment 😀
      Thank you so very much, I wish you many happy climbs to come…

      • I -and I’m sure many more mountaineers- can’t wait for the first snowfall and the first ice that will form over the Vardousia peaks for the new season! Then, this mountain becomes the best playground for ice climbing in Greece.

        • I wish the best early snowfall for you 😀 Mavrolithari is my father’s village – I hope you try a hot cup of mountain tea in the “plateia” sometime

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