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* Tangent: As a photographer, artist and blogger I feel deeply insulted and strongly opposed by the sudden layout change WP did to the Reader. This change is terrible for so many reasons; especially for a photographer (and everyone) whose image plays the most significant part. WP gurus decided that chopping up, minimizing and distorting our photos would give them more space and less scrolling… It’s hideous!

I would like to invite everybody who’s on the same page with me to write a comment to the sticky post in the forum (they suddenly closed the other thread we had..!). I find their behavior totally unacceptable, after all it’s our artistic product and can’t be mishandled like that_




4 comments on “Pariah”

  1. My photos can’t be opened either. Not even in a separate tsb. No matter the file size they show 600 something wide and that’s it. Color me disgusted.

    • Mine can be opened and if you click on them, you can see them in full size.
      That’s not the reason why I am complaining actually. It’s because they cropped, minimized and distorted our photos. The new Reader is like the index page of a magazine, posts are skipped as bloggers can’t see the whole image, our photos aren’t showcased as they should, they look more like banners, or thumbnails and in consequence are lost as they are not attractive.
      Since the changes took place, I am noticing a huge decrease of views and likes in my blog and that can’t be a coincidence… It’ the first time something like that happens since 2013 that I began blogging here.
      Also wp is trying to censor negative comments! Mine never showed up in their announcement post… That’s unacceptable.

      If I understand correctly, maybe your problem can be solved if you go to wp admin, hit edit your post and then see by clicking on the post photo the option “edit”. Look if your photo is linked to “media file” or “attachment page”. Try both and look at your blog’s Reader which option shows the image big enough.
      Hope it helps…

      • I’ve experienced the same decrease in views and likes. That change to the reader is ridiculous for a photo blog.

        I’ve been on here for nine years in various blogs and had three just a few days ago but now have two and, effectively, will have one active by early next year. There still is no one better than WP, but they do what they like. I am pleased I don’t pay for this type of screwy behavior, for sure.

        I figured out how to get my photos back to full size, thank you for the suggestion. Since I load and insert them from my phone (my internet connection) I just have to upload them when I want them and not store them. When I store them I can’t ‘see’ the part where we pick the size. So I just upload them at the time needed. I find other things missing, using the phone, as well. No notifications on the blog home page so I have to open my profile to see them. There are other ways as well, but all entail extra steps.

        Anyway, I check blogs like yours by bookmarks or favorites, not by the reader as I find it not the best on my phone, again.

        Enough complaining, I simply have decided to reduce my blogs to one and bow out of other places, such as Linked In and FB. That way I keep up, which has been a problem for me for the past three years, as I travel, but very slowly, and have no permanent residence.

        Thanks again for your response, I’ll be back, looking at your excellent photos using my bookmarks, for sure. 🙂

        • Thank you Robert for your feedback. It’s much needed, especially now that I have found that my blog’s Reader is a total mess!!! Missing posts, veeery slow loading, distorted images, no photos shown… I feel exhausted, shocked and very sad… I’ll have to explain AGAIN (it happened before) the situation to them and it’s so frustrating… They ruined my blog for good.

          But If you find time, I think it’s best and just to have an impact to make your comment on their sticky post.

          Take care,
          I wish you Merry Xmas! and good luck to all of us 🙂

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