wiki: the spiral-shaped cavity of the inner ear that resembles a snail shell and contains nerve endings essential for hearing

The word is borrowed from Ancient Greekκοχλίας”(kokhlías, spiral, snail shell”)



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8 comments on “Cochlea”

  1. Lovely photograph dear Pelly. Makes me giddy just looking at it :)
    You mean to say there is a shell in my ear ? I can hear the sea …. The doctor calls it tinnitus, but I like the idea of having a seashell in my ear. :) <3

    • Thank you sweetie <3
      Yes! there is one in each ear :D and I have tinnitus too and it drives me crazy cause my seashells are broken, they sound more like a refrigerator, or a factory machine… ;)

      • Oh no. I am sorry to read that you have tinnitus as well dear Pelly. It sounds really awful. Mine is a constant high frequency which I don’t really notice unless I think about it. I know where I got it from; gunfire when I was in the Army, then later on in life the loud metalwork in a shipyard. Both brain scrambling.
        BTW I have some superglue to mend your broken seashells. Careful you don’t get your fingers glued into your ear though ,) <3

  2. I see that your photos are, as you say, subjective, your vision. I like, very much. :)

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