of style

in Limassol ~ Cyprus



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13 comments on “Vision”

  1. I do know that it’s not your reflection in the window because I do know that you are no dummy my friend 😉 ❤

  2. I got married to my first wife in Cyprus. Small world.

    • Although it is small, you certainly came a long way! I hope you enjoyed your stay there )

      • You wouldn’t believe the story I could tell. British soldiers putting us in a jeep, American consulate… just a very surreal experience to this day.

        • Oh, were you there during the Turkish invasion?

          • The country was already divided in 76. We arrived in Larnaca, but couldn’t find a hotel. British soldiers (long story) found us a cab, then we drove to Nicosia, where we found help at the American embassy.

            The consulate took us to a large hotel where we stayed in “his personal” room.
            Again a long story.

            We got married a day or two later in Greek, but a justice of the peace.

          • Also, it was hottest damn place I ever visited. We did watch a movie at night and outdoors between 2 buildings.

            • …It sounds like you had quite a fun time… 😉 I hope all this trouble didn’t leave bad memories; and although the country is a sauna in summer, is still a wonderful place, combining many cultures and beautiful, hospitable people.

  3. Absolutely beautiful Pelly. What an eye you have.

    • It’s one of my top five from Cyprus; I only brought my compact camera to this trip and although I took a lot of photos I am not happy with the quality…
      What a generous comment dear Alison, thank you ❤

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