Who you gonna call?

Ghostlike old door handle

in Naxos




2 comments on “Who you gonna call?”

  1. lol. You really do have an eye for the unusual, don’t you my friend ?. I agree, that latch plate does look like a cartoon ghost, doesn’t it ?. I can see that plate was installed by a professional as the screws are all in line. I used to work in a couple of shipyards and the screws were always tightened so that the slots in the screws were vertical (up/down) to enable any condensation to drain easily. At one time I had a job to do on a Royal yacht in Saudi Arabia and was given the tour of the ship. All the fittings on the doors in the Royal areas were gold including the normally unseen door hinges. Some idiot had fixed them with iron screws which, over time, had rusted and the rust had dribbled down over the gold.
    How are you today dear Pelly ?. I hope you are improving. Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

  2. scare thief application…. ….if I would be a thief, this little ghost would scare the hell out of me and I would just ruuuuun 🙂

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