d’ un portrait







7 comments on “Étude”

  1. You do really work outside of the box, don’t you dear Pelly. Why aren’t you famous yet ? Have a lovely evening dear friend. :D <3

    • Thank you sweetheart, that’s a huge compliment!! And yes, for me being mainstream is pointless, I’ve always liked to explore.
      Ouch! You posed the million dollar question… well… for a hundred reasons but mainly because I can’t sell my self :(
      Would you be my manager? :D

  2. Absolutely exquisite. Yes, why aren’t you famous yet?!

    • Thank you so much dear, I really appreciate the feedback, especially for this kind of photos… As an artist I suffer from severe insecurity, a lack of healthy self esteem that is and being an introvert doesn’t help ;)

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