Linear relics

 “Mussolini’s House” ~ Rhodes



* more info in previous post: No mercy




6 comments on “Linear relics”

    • Thank you! You did a good job there ;) a spooky place isn’t it… I screamed when pigeons flew right above my head when I opened a door on the upper floor :) That day was a treat for me and my favorite place of the island was the building next to it:
      Have you been to the Italian commander’s villa, next to Elafos, in Profitis Elias?

      • yes the other building was very nice too. I did not know about the Italian commander’s villa but now I have a reason to go a 2nd time.

  1. I did not know the existence of this place

    • Isn’t it wonderful! …and horribly vandalized! The video shows the house of the Italian commander for the Dodecanese, Cesare Maria de Vecchi though, which is not very far from “Mussolini’s house” shown in this post.
      I’ve been to the commander’s villa and here is a post about it:
      I have tons of photos from that day, both places are magnificent (and Elafina too, which is also abandoned) and a photographer’s delight! There is definitely more to come ;)

  2. […] * more posts about the house, here and here […]

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