Revolutionary Road

The Refugee Apartment Blocks

at Alexandras avenue in Athens ~ Pt2

The complex was built in 1933-1935 by the architect Kimon Laskaris,  is one of the earliest examples of the modern movement (german functionalism) in Greece and was meant to house the myriads of refugees that came from Asia Minor after the Asia Minor Catastrophe in 1922

The “refugee” neighborhood at Alexandras avenue, within the network of the city, occupies in total a site of 14.323 m2, comprises 8 three floors apartment blocks and 228 flats (each about 45 m2 in area)

Today, although they are considered historical monuments (one can still see bullet holes on the walls -dating the post world war II events), they are not treated as such; they are left abandoned and forgotten and as their initial purpose was, they now give shelter to modern immigrants



to be continued…





2 comments on “Revolutionary Road”

  1. What an evocative collection. You really captured the feeling. Beautifully framed.

    • Thank you sweet Alison.
      I am not sure if I’ve ever told you how much I appreciate your comments and feedback, especially when a post of mine doesn’t get as many views or likes as I expected. Your comment just clarifies things and gives me the inspiration and motivation to continue ❤

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