My city and it’s eternal symbol






7 comments on “Iconic”

  1. A beautiful reminder of my trip to Athens. The houses below the Acropolis, what a historic place to live. I wonder if they ever go on the market for sale. Thank you for posting these photos! The only pain in the neck living there would be all of the tourists going up and down the hill.

    • Thank you Mike 🙂 In my opinion it’s the best place to live in Athens, there is a special energy, a vibe, an aura that originates from the temple… The difficult part for me is the lack of parking and supermarket. There are numerous very very old buildings for sale but the prices are out of this world plus the fact that you have to renovate preserving the architectural style of the area and this costs even more 😀

  2. Beautiful photos! It must be incredible to witness such magnificent history. Perhaps someday I will be lucky enough to see it with my own eyes. Thank you for letting me see it through yours. Take care. Bob

    • Thank you so much Bob!
      I really hope we will make it someday, it sure worth it. And maybe then, you’ll see the Acropolis without the scaffolding; the restoration process takes too long…
      Lately the Athenians came to appreciate their heritage but, as I think happens to other natives of historic cities, few have taken the time to visit (or read about) the historic site.. It’s a blessing that we now have the new Acropolis museum that Athenians find easier to explore.
      Best wishes for a luminous new year 🙂

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