The convent

of the Ursuline Order in Loutra village ~ Tinos



wiki: the Monastery of Ursulines doesn’t work today but in the past it played an important role as an educational center for girls from all over the country. Today, the complex works as a large folklore museum where objects and furniture are left untouched and in the exact place as they were in the past

The Monastery worked as a female educational center for 133 years from 1862 till 1993. It flourished from 1910 until 1930, when young girls would come there as boarders. Today, in the premises of the monastery, visitors can see a large catholic church, rooms for laundry, sewing, sculpturing, painting, music, photography, a theater where performances used to take place, laboratories of chemistry and physics, dormitories, library, classrooms, kitchens and reception halls. There is even a “raki” laboratory in the basement, as nuns used to make raki, providing an extra income to the monastery




4 comments on “The convent”

  1. In five simple but evocative photographs you captured the essence of what t was like to live there. Beautiful.

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