The den

of a recluse artist


* Thanks to Yanni for generously giving his permission to use his unassumably atmospheric home/studio as the perfect background for a nude photoshoot project we did last year




4 comments on “The den”

  1. Beautiful. Very evocative.

    • Thanks ❤ Although it doesn't show in the pics, the "house" was an old hammam, built sometime between 1840-1870 (!!!), in the center of Plaka, just below of Acropolis… It is very neglected and dirty, but there is a special aura for sure 🙂

  2. Yanni and exchange has you ask to dust …? !!!

    • Lol 😀 Thank god he didn’t! I got away with just a bottle of wine…
      It is impossible to clean it, and Yannis (nor me) would want that… He had an old mirror somewhere, so full of dust, it gave me the best photos of this photoshoot, the model looked so blured it was like a painting 😀

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