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Dec 03 2013

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Focal Length:12.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


Part of the cast statue of  “the Jockey of Artemision”, National Archeological museum ~ Athens

wiki: the Jockey of Artemision is a large Hellenistic bronze statue of a young boy riding a horse, dated to around 140 BC. It is a rare surviving original bronze statue from ancient Greece and a rare example in Greek sculpture of a racehorse. Most ancient bronzes were melted down for their raw materials some time after creation, but this one was saved from destruction when it was lost in a shipwreck in antiquity, before being discovered in the 20th century

The statue was found in a shipwreck off cape Artemision, in north Euboea, which was discovered in 1926. The first parts of the statue were recovered in 1928, with more pieces found in 1936. The statue was reassembled, after restoration of the horse’s tail and body, and went on display at the National Archaeological Museum, Athens in 1972

It is approximately life-size, with a length of 2.9 metres (9.5 ft) and 2.1 metres (6.9 ft) high. It was cast in pieces. Some parts are missing, such as the rider’s whip and reins, and the horse’s bridle. The horse gallops with tremendous speed; its movement and anatomy are rendered with extreme realism. The sculpture, whose creator remains unknown, was probably dedicated at an important sanctuary…

more info: http://sites.davidson.edu/csa/object-report-3-artemision-jockey/




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  1. J’ai cliqué J’aime, pelly…jll (de retour sur wordpress.com)

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