take my hand

By: pelly*made

Jul 07 2013

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Focal Length:8.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

wiki: obviously, the purpose of a door knocker is to allow a guest the opportunity to announce his presence, so its history is as old as that. Door knockers are pervasive throughout history in every culture

The greek word is “ρόπτρον” (roptron) and I was surprised to find out that the doorknocker has existed even at the time of Homer! The predecessor of doorknockers were short iron bars that attached to these chains, which were used as “rappers.” Actually the word “roptron” means “rapper” and there are references from the mythological era (by Lucian), through Classical (Euripides, Aristophanes), Byzantine, Medieval times and Renaissance




2 comments on “take my hand”

  1. Nice! So rap music has in fact a Greek origin! ;-)
    Hope you are doing fine!

    • Of course! (“…as almost everything in this world…”) ;D
      I am, but can’t wait to leave Athens and enjoy the summer now :)
      How about you?

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