Mr. Green Eyes

By: pelly*made

Jun 20 2013

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Focal Length:11mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

…the urban playboy

: }

5 comments on “Mr. Green Eyes”

  1. Lovely blend of a single colour plus green eyes 😀 xox

    • Thank you dear Ralph… and I was thinking about you and the break you are going to have!
      Apologies for having vanished but tomorrow is our presentation day (the nude workshop)! I finally did it…I was the last to submit my 20 photos 2 hours ago! phew 😀 Wish me luck!
      Isn’t it amazing! in 2 weeks you are going to have a brand new house and you ‘ll finally be able to enjoy summer as you sit comfortably in your beautifully tiled veranda 😀
      …s u m m e r t i m e… and the living is easy… *******

  2. I really do wish you luck my dear friend Pelly. You’ll amaze them I’m so sure. I would have loved to have seen what you presented but time is short now. I ‘ll be disconnecting in about 12 hours time. I’ll miss you and your wonderful posts. Look after yourself and take care Pelly. Ralph xox 😀

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