Isla bonita

By: pelly*made

May 31 2013

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Focal Length:11.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

~ Santorini ~

13 comments on “Isla bonita”

  1. ..yep, I guess you are right. This is Oia. The other pic could be a part of Fira. Wonderful spot!!! We want to go back there. 🙂 I remember this boat trip so well. We stopped at Nea Kameni (this little volcano in the middle of the caldera)… …and there was this hot spring which flows into the sea. The boat couldn’t make it to that spot, so that we had to swim from the cold sea into that hot swing. Wonderful feeling! But back from the hot springs towards the boat: ..not that wonderful! 😀 😀

    • Please do! I would recommend mid September though: warm sea and not so crowded… As for the “contrast bath therapy…” I know what you mean! The Cyclades are famous for their ice cold waters 😀

      • we will do! 🙂 Been there last time in middle of May. Excellent weather… …but the sea was still pretty cold. Yes, September would be great.

        My favorite place in Greece is a small beach/beach called Fakistra. It’s a few km north of Mylopotamos. You can reach this by a small path via Tsagarada. Been there in 1988 (when I was sweet 18 🙂 ) and 1991. At that time there was not even a road, just a small path through the woods. By Google maps I can see there know a street. Such a wonderful and magic place. Spent there three nights in this bay.

        • Wow! How did you find Fakistra???It’s a well kept secret beach. I was there for the first time in 2007 and we couldn’t find the path to the beach. We saw it from uphill, but couldn’t reach it. I’ll be in Pelion mountain this summer and I’ll ask for the path in Tsagarada! Thanks!
          If you could make it to Santorini, may I suggest my favorite island (also volcanic), Milos! It’s a “mini” Santorini with exquisite beaches, nature and culture. I could go on for hours…

          • We got the advice by a friend who visit that place in 1973 (!!!). He said that we were worth to now this secret, but asked us to keep it and only tell it to people which we really love. So we did. The first time we went with a VW van. Then four years later by InterRail. Took a bus from Volos to Tsagarada.- The people there where really friendly, but a bit closed to tell about the path! But we found it! In 1991 was already a gravel road which went pretty close to the last path to the beach. But its GREAT to here that this is still a secret. So, pssst, don’t tell! 🙂 😉 . Tsagarada was nice. Not really much to do, but to hang around this 1000 y.o. sycamore tree with lots of Retsina was priceless, calm and so peaceful. ENJOY!

            Thanks for the Milos advice. I put it to my wish list a places2see!

            • Ha,ha! the secret is safe with me 😀 Although I’ve seen brochures and guides saying that it’s a great little beach, suitable for families (!!!!) I too adore that old sycamore, it’s the highlight of Tsagarada, although almost every little village of Pelion has at least an old sycamore in it’s square…
              As for Milos, feel free to ask for tips if you decide to come and just to lure you to that direction, just write “Milos” in my search button and see what this place has to offer 😉

            • I saw now on one image at the web, that there is now a sealed road right above the beach. Forget about the path… …take the bus!

              Thanks for that offer about Milos. So nice! Will ask you about some more advices later 🙂

            • So no well kept secrets then 😀
              I’ll be glad to, whenever you decide 🙂

            • And this is what the sycamore looked like back in 2007
              I have newer versions, but haven’t posted them yet 😉

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