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May 19 2013

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Focal Length:8.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

and shadows

Typical house of Karytaina village

wiki: the village is built at the top of a hill around its medieval castle (built during the Frankish domination – 13th-15th century), in the site of ancient Vrenthi

Κarytaina is proclaimed a traditional settlement as it retains the colour of the medieval castle town. The castle was built at the top of the hill above the village. Its length is more than 110 m and its width more than 40 m. Its walls are 7 m high and to 2 m thick. Near Karytaina flows Alfeios river, that forms, south of Karytaina, a deep gorge, contributing to the natural fortification of the area

Τwo traditional bridges, Koukos’ and Karytaina’s, are preserved on Alfeios. The first is one-arched, built in 1880, and is preserved in good condition. The second was five-arched but its main arch was destroyed during a battle in the Greek Civil War (1946-1949) and remains to our days partly destroyed. Ruins of many watermills, that had operated in the region, are retained

Karytaina’s view is astonishing for the visitor from the distance. In the past it was depicted on the one side of the 5.000 drachmas banknote. Author Nikos Kazantzakis called it “Greece’s Toledo”, when he visited it

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