…With nails was He detained, the Bridegroom of the Church

With a spear was He pierced, the Son of the Virgin

We venerate Your Passion, O Christ ~ 3x

Show us also Your glorious Resurrection…

wiki: Golgotha is the biblical name for the place where Jesus was crucified. It was probably a small hill just outside the walls of ancient Jerusalem.

The name “Golgotha” is derived from the Aramaic word “gulgulta”. Matthew 27:33 and Mark 15:22 give its meaning as “place of the skull.” When Saint Jerome translated these verses into Latin, he used the Latin word for skull, “calvaria”, which was later converted into the English word Calvary.

The gospels don’t say why Golgotha was called the “place of the skull”. One common suggestion is that the site was on a hill or near a rock that had the shape of a skull. Another suggestion, first made by the third-century scholar Origen, is that the name referred to the burial place of Adam’s skull, traditionally believed to have been interred at Jerusalem. But these are just suggestions, and no one really knows how the site got its name

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