Clean Monday’s rawness

By: pelly*made

Mar 17 2013

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Focal Length:11.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

In Greece the octopus is left to dry in the sun and sea air for just a few days. It may be cooked by grilling over charcoal fire or a gas grill, boiled with herbs and served cold as a salad, in fresh tomato sauce with pasta or sun-dried as jerky, or krasato, with olive oil, bay leaf and red wine

wiki: the common octopus has 240 suckers lined up in two rows on each arm. Multiply 240 by 8 arms, and you can calculate that this octopus has 1,920 suckers! Its suckers are extremely powerful, and the octopus uses them to move along the sea bottom and to capture and hold its prey. The suckers don’t just stick like suction cups to whatever they touch, however-the octopus can control what it wants to hold in its grip, and if it needs to swim away quickly, it can instantly release the suction


2 comments on “Clean Monday’s rawness”

  1. I learn a lot in Pelly’s blog 😀

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