Heart goes

By: pelly*made

Mar 05 2013

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Focal Length:37mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

down the drain

Chora of Naxos ~ Greece

9 comments on “Heart goes”

  1. How many people would see this ? Only a photographer’s eye I expect !! :D

    • I just came back from an “interview” with a famous photography critic. I presented 130 photos and he chose 15, telling me that he thought those were the ones that were interesting and represented me. I was prepared for that, he is very hard to please and is considered one of the top 5 photography critics in Europe. Still, I thought it was a disaster. Then, my teacher who introduced me to him told me that when he presented his work (100 photos) he chose only 2! So I guess I was a success?!? hmmmm…. It is a bit confusing… but your comments (AND likes!!!) are really uplifting!!!

  2. 15 out of 130 is fantastic. Well done. You must now know what was really special about those 15 and I am sure that will focus your attention on which route your future photographic images will take. :D
    Is this a hobby of yours or your profession ?

    • Thank you Ralph! But I can’t help feeling totally disorientated…
      I work as a graphic designer but have a huge interest in everything artistic (from painting to jewelry making, cinema, dance and so on…). For over a decade I took pictures, it’s relaxing and I did whatever I liked being totally ignorant of the technical stuff. 4 months ago I began my “Lightroom” lessons (paid by my work- I currently work for the Mount Sinai Monastery which has a huge archive of photographs) and thought that I could benefit, because I could organize my huge archive as well. My teacher accidentally saw my photos and told me that I had talent and potential!
      Everything changed from that moment… Participation in 2 exhibitions, my photo printed in a photo magazine and a newspaper and most important, meeting other photographers (professionals…), seeing the work of famous photographers and of course, the encounter with the renowned photography critic. My teacher’s point of view is in contrast with the critic’s. Teacher= more openminded and bold, Critic= academic and classic (blur, depression and depth is the subject). Their opinions collide and I am in the middle, trying to understand (rephrasing your question: who am I in the blogsphere?), “who am I in photography?”
      Because I am a million of things, I have all sides and I like me like that. And my photography is mostly bright, sharp, colorful, humoristic, maybe even surrealistic but sometimes dark, sad and out of focus…
      :) / :(
      Forgive my blah blah, I could’t help myself!

  3. You have so many strings on your bow that it is turning into a harp, playing photographic music not blah-blah. :) Maybe that is good for you to be confused by your teacher and the expert, as they are telling you to be yourself and maybe they are a little jealous of your eye and skills. A very apt American phrase applies here: “Go Girl !! ” :)

    • What can I say Ralph…!thank you ( x at least 10 times!)
      My confidence is building up :)
      A new seminar begins in the middle of April, theme: “Nude Photography”… I am going ;)

      • Hi Pelly. The seminar will be another string on your harp. You will probably be taught skills and techniques, but I have the feeling that you will have a new angle on the subject. Just be yourself and do things your way. Good luck and I hope to see the results of your angle :D

  4. Just wandering around your photographs and illustrations makes you want to stay longer. I don’t mean that cheaply. I think, they say a lot about you, your influences and how you play it your way.

  5. That is huge… What a beautiful comment for me! I’ll cherish it for the moments of doubt and confusion :)
    It’s so strange and interesting but I, myself can’t “see” what other people see revealed, at least for now… I hope sometime I could…
    Thank you soo much!

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