The purest Gold

By: pelly*made

Feb 19 2013

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Focal Length:4.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

“Panagia” is one of the titles of Mary, the mother of Jesus, used especially in Orthodox Christianity

Most Eastern Orthodox churches dedicated to the Virgin Mary are called Panagia; as Mary is considered the holiest of all human beings and therefore of higher status than the Saints, literally a “Saint in the superlative”

In the Orthodox world, specific icons and churches of the Virgin Mary are often given particular names, which reflect certain theological or intercessory aspects of Mary. Some examples of such names (in Greek) are:

  • Angeloktiste (Angel-Built)
  • Boetheia (the Helper)
  • Brephokratousa (the Infant-Holder)
  • Chrysopege (the Fountain of Gold)
  • Deomene (the Supplicant)
  • Eleousa (the Merciful)
  • Eleutherotria (the Liberator)
  • Evangelistria (the Bearer of Good News)
  • Galatiane or Galatousa (the Nurse)
  • Giatrissa (the Healer)
  • Glykophilousa (of the Sweet Kiss)
  • Gregorousa (the Vigilant)
  • Hagia Skepe (the Sacred Protection)
  • Hagia Zone (the Sacred Girdle)
  • Hodegetria (the Leader)
  • Hypermachos Strategos (the Defending General)
  • Kataphyge (the Safe Haven)
  • Megalochare (Of Great Grace)
  • Myrobletissa (the Spring of Myrrh)
  • Myrtiotissa (of the Myrtles)
  • Nerantziotissa (in the Bitter Oranges)
  • Pantanassa (the Queen of All)
  • Paraportiane or Portaitissa (by the Gate)
  • Paregoretria (the Giver of Solace)
  • Phaneromene (the Revealed)
  • Pharmakolytria (the Deliverer from poison)
  • Platytera ton Ouranon (the Wider than the Heavens)
  • Ponolytria (the Deliverer from pain)
  • Thalassine (of the Sea)


Photo taken in Hagia Sophia in Constantinople

2 comments on “The purest Gold”

  1. nice! the gold really comes out in your photo. i’ve been there too and it is a stunning place.

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