Continuity gap

By: pelly*made

Feb 18 2013

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Focal Length:6.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

You may wonder why the title…

Well… Milos is a volcanic island in the southern Aegean Sea and well known for its extensive mineral deposits and fine beaches. It is part of the Hellenic volcanic arc, that also comprises the volcanic islands of Santorini and Nisyros. Considered dormant, Milos presents strong hydrothermal activity, caused by subduction of the African under the Aegean plate

Volcanism on Milos started in upper Pliocene and continued until late Pleistocene. The last volcanic eruptions on Milos (90.000 B.C.) took place in the area of Tsingrado volcano. Extinct volcanoes can still be seen at Firiplaka while the circular gulf of the island is considered to be a submerged caldera. There are also numerous locations around the island known for gas eruptions and hot springs suggesting volcanic activity

As you can see in the photo, red and yellowish layers of soil form horizontal lines. Scientists examine these lines and try to figure out when major events like eruptions or earthquakes occured. These lines are extremely valuable in unraveling the region’s geologic history. In the left side of the photo one can see 2 vertical lines that cut the “continuity” of the layers, thus the soil goes up. Something big happened at that time that made the earth move so dramatically…

take a closer look

MHLOS_2010 (288)bzoom

3 comments on “Continuity gap”

  1. cool post. milos has such amazing colors and rock formations so this is a good explaination.

    • last summer we offered ourselves a guided geological walk organized by the “Milos Minning Museum”. It was so informative and intriguing! Hopefully we will do it again this summer 🙂

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