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Jan 25 2013

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Focal Length:9.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

“tamata” under the icon of a saint.

“Tama” in the greek orthodox religion is a votive offering or promise made of a rectangular piece of metal with miniature body parts shaped on it. “Tamata” are made of tin, silver or gold. When a loved one is ailing, Greeks buy a tama then take it to the church of their choice and tie it with a ribbon under the icon or painting of their chosen saint

Tamata are the symbols of the miracle of healing which is hoped to occur, or has already occurred. They are the vehicle in which they invest their faith. So they are an integral part of the miracle. Tamata are a link between the person and the Holy spirit

Tamata made of clay have been found at ancient Greek healing centres and temples, such as religious sites of the Prepalatial Bronze Age around 3,000 BC, on Crete and  later in Epidauros. The majority were made of pottery and wood, but also metal ones started to appear

…to be continued

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